Abdi’s Return to Africa (Nature Documentary Film)

NatureSomaliland is a non-profit organization based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. We are about conserving our unique birds and other wildlife by looking after their habitats and minimising illegal off-take.

We delight in catering to birders who desire to see the unique birds and other rare wildlife of Somaliland and Djibouti.

Our clients usually fly into Djibouti by way of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and before  bringing  them over into Somaliland, we spend a day or two looking around Djibouti for the endemic Djibouti Francolin, other Rift Valley,  mountain, acacia scrub  and sea-shore species like Bonelli’s Eagle, White-Crowned Black Wheatear, White-Throated Seed-Eater, Sombre rock-Chat, Arabian Golden and Somali Sparrow, White-Eye and Slender-Billed Gull and plenty more. There are sea-birds and wader species galore along Djibouti Beaches.

Most clients prefer to cover Somaliland in its entirety by land from the Djibouti border to Daallo Forest Reserve and Maydh Port. Some fly into Hargeisa or Berbera and concentrate in the center and eastern parts of the country. It all depends on time available in a given  tour.

Available to see are endemic and near-endemic species like Warsangli Linnet, Somali Pigeon and Thrush, Archer’s Buzzard, Golden-Winged Grosbeak, Little Brown, Heuglin’s and Arabian Bustard, Somali and Lesser Hoopoe Lark, Somali Wheater, Bee-Eater and Daallo Forest’s confusing version of African  Scop’s Owl and on and on.

Unique mammals including the lovely Beira, Speke’s, Sommerringe’s  and the Pelzelni ssp of the Dorcas Gazelle family, Desert Warthog, Speke’s Pectinator, two species of Hyrax and so on.

We use comfortable LandCruiser station-wagons for the longer trips and provide delicious  meals prepared by our own indefatigable Chef Zeynab  and her helper Ifrah every day. Our drivers are experienced and top-notch in every way.

We can handle a maximum of eight clients at a time and our trips vary from single day excursions around the hills, plains and woods south and east of Hargeisa to three-week expeditions from Djibouti to Daallo Forest Reserve, a distance of over 2,000 kilometers.

By our experience over the past three years, we mix bush camping and lodge/hotel stays in our two-week and longer trips. And by now, in our little visited country, we know where the birds are and what time of the year to see them.Even though Somaliland is safe land to visit, we take registered tourism police with us because of the far flung, rugged and frequently isolated bush landscapes we visit.

We prefer and encourage bookings as far ahead as a year because the more desirable stretches of the year can fill up early.

We do not scrimp on effort to be sure our clients are well taken care of  for we are Somali and the Somali hospitality is legend.

Come one; come all!